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FVWM Themes project provides a configuration framework for FVWM and a wide range of configurations ready to use.

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Unstable fvwm-themes-0.7.0 is released.


fvwm-themes presents to a novice fvwm user a complete fvwm configuration with precreated themes. The user doesn't need to know the fvwm syntax to start using a reasonably powerful and themeable fvwm setup. All he needs is to install the latest fvwm, the latest fvwm-themes and start fvwm-themes-start. On the other hand, fvwm-themes gives to a more experienced user an ability to create his own personal parts (so called personal theme) to use with other theme components or even to create a completely new theme.


Download & Developement

FVWM Themes is stable enough and should work out of the box. A recent fvwm version (at least 2.5.8) is needed to run unstable fvwm-themes-0.7.0, and fvwm version 2.4.8 is needed to run stable fvwm-themes-0.6.2.

Starting with 0.6.2, fvwm-themes is divided into 2 packages, fvwm-themes and fvwm-themes-extra. You should install fvwm-themes which contains the theme engine and utilities as well as 9 themes. fvwm-themes-extra is optional and contains 15 additional themes.

Here are the source packages:

0.7.0 0.6.2

fvwm-themes follows the usual "configure; make install" installation procedure. To install the extra package you may execute this command as the same user that did "make install" for fvwm-themes-base:

[/path/]fvwm-themes-config --site --install fvwm-themes-extra.tar.gz

There are also RPM packages and DEB packages of fvwm, fvwm-themes and wm-icons.

The developement is reflected on the SourceForge's developement page. You can download the latest version from that page, fill bug reports, contact developers, and use the CVS. See also cvs instructions for fvwm, they are fully applied to fvwm-themes as well.


If you want to participate in developing fvwm-themes, be it ideas for the framework and GUI's, or learning how to create new themes, join the fvwm-themes-devel mailing list.

If you are the fvwm-themes user or/and have questions, suggestion or comments regarding fvwm-themes you can join the fvwm-themes-users mailing list. (Both lists are member-write, world-read lists, so there is no SPAM.)


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